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TV: Repurposed

Om Base Productions specializes in repurposing acquisitions for TV networks. The company has produced more than 200 episodes of series television and specials for broadcast.


Our favorite projects include:


  • Pressure Cook – 20 episodes for Travel Channel
  • The Biggest Loser – 36 one-hour episodes, NBC for FLN
  • The Thirsty Traveler – 33 episodes; 3 seasons, FLN for Cooking Channel
  • Sarah’s House – 10 episodes; HGTV-Canada for FLN
  • Rooms That Rock – 33 episodes; 2 seasons, Cineflix for FLN
  • Wedding SOS – 33 episodes; Cineflix for FLN
  • Food & Lifestyle Specials – 19 one-hour specials, Food Network for FLN

John Cleese’s Wine for the Confused 

Beach Eats 

Behind the Bash 

Great American Beer Festival 

Cooking Clubs 

After Midnight: NYC 

After Midnight: Los Angeles

After Midnight: Miami 

After Midnight: New Orleans

After Midnight: Vegas 

  • Room Service – 36 episodes; 3 seasons, HGTV for FLN
  • Outer Spaces – 26 episodes; HGTV for FLN
  • Bought & Sold – 13 episodes; HGTV for FLN
The extra value and imagination Om Base puts into repurposing every show:


• Create, add, and/or swap all graphics

• Integrate 100% new music cues

• Write interesting on-screen lower thirds and tips

• Edit to the client’s running time needs

• Online and mix to high broadcast standards

• Create bonus materials such as step-by-step project instructions

• Provide screenshots and other elements for the network’s website

• Deliver on time and on budget – Always.

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