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Hot Movie Sets         Premiering on Travel Channel March 31 at 9pm[vslider name=”HMS”]


Hot Movie Sets TV show special on Travel Channel by Om Base ProductionsExplore famous movie locations worldwide as Hollywood pros reveal the behind the scenes and star secrets of Hangover 2 in Bangkok, Fast Five in Puerto Rico, Cocktail in Jamaica, 21 Jump StreetOcean’s 11 and other blockbusters.

Tune in to Travel Channel as Hollywood hits to road to the world’s hottest movie set locations. 




Hollywood Builders:Total Recall      On DIY Network  [vslider name=”builders”]

Hollywood Builders:Total Recall is an all-access, behind the scenes pass to creating the world of sci-fi remake, Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, Bokeem Woodbine, and Bryan Cranston.

In this one-hour special, we follow nearly 500 of the best set design and construction pros in the movie business, from visual conception, to hammer and nails creation, to “Lights! Camera! Action!” We’ll see how they build the movie’s most important sets, including a canal that turns an indoor stage into a waterfront shantytown and a space-aged passenger vessel that rotates 180 degrees – turning the actors inside upside-down.  

A few highlights: 

  • Learn why it cost $10,000 a week just in screws to put the sets together!
  • See how the team builds a canal on The Colony set, transforming the indoor stage into a waterfront shantytown.
  • Discover the secrets behind making a 25-foot in diameter set spin 180 degrees – as in upside down.
  • See why one actor slept overnight on the set – and how the builders roused him out of bed at 5 am.
  • Moldmakers reveal how they created the Fall’s elevator doors that explode. (Explosion seen in first versions of the trailer.)
  • A set buyer shares why spending $100,000 a day shopping isn’t such a dream job after all!
  • See where the Scenic Art Department was forced to move to in order to work on the Fall’s enormous set pieces.
  • Scenic artists reveal how they made the stunt props, like the roof Quaid (Colin Farrell) crashes through in The Colony (as seen in trailer).

 Watch DIY Network for Hollywood Builders:Total Recall – your backstage pass to building the world of Total Recall.


Inside Haunted Hollywood

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Are you a horror movie fan?

Much of what makes a movie terrifying is its environment. Think of the empty snowbound hotel in The Shining or the decrepit house in Psycho – places that have entered our collective psyche and keep us up at nightBut how is that environment – its sights, sounds and special effects – created?

Inside Haunted Hollywood is a one-hour televised special that takes an insider’s tour through many infamous locations from iconic Hollywood horror films and the movie-making tricks and locations that made them great. From the houses used in The Exorcist, Psycho and The Amityville Horror to the hotel from The Shining, Inside Haunted Hollywood host, Tony Frassrand, goes behind the scary scenes. 

Along the way, experts in horror make-up, wardrobe, visual effects, set design, sound effects and much more share the secrets of their trades ­­­– and how to replicate them at home. The special is topped off by an interview with Wes Craven,

In this original production, we meet iconic movie director Wes Craven, Hollywood’s leading horror movie director, who discusses the source of his inspiration. We also meet the experts in horror make-up, wardrobe, special effects, set design, and horror movie music who share the secrets of their trades.

Later, we go below the spooky decks of the Queen Mary and into the ship’s pool that’s said to be haunted by a young girl. It’s scary stuff!

30 Bizarre Inventions

This one-hour clip show special for FLN takes a humorous look at the weirdest items available to buy on TV.

From a gadget that reveals a cat’s innermost feelings, to an alarm clock that sounds like your very own English butler, to a bar of soap chock full of caffeine, the inventions become increasingly strange during this fun countdown show.

30 Bizarre Inventions is a tour of the outer limits of the human imagination. It’ll make you laugh, scratch your head, and ultimately, ask the question – What were they thinking?  




Globe Guide

Om Base Productions executive producer, Leah Lessard, is the creator of the television series Globe Guide.

The four seasons of Globe Guide are the result of an unconventional approach to travel programming developed by Ms. Lessard in collaboration with the Fine Living Network. The footage for the series was culled from a European tape library of more than 8,400 different travel segments from around the globe.

From this raw material, the Om Base creative team sliced, diced, and developed 52 distinct TV shows to support the new vision. It was an enormous post-production undertaking. Each intricately edited episode features a unique destination in a foreign country. The acts are scripted to gather around the themes of Stay, Savor, and Play. Each show was scored with new music, given fresh voiceover imbued with an American perspective, and informative text was added to provide the audience with a complete and innovative travel guide.




Branded Entertainment Interstitials: 10 x 60sec.

Branded Enterainment

Handbook to the Holidays is a series of ten branded entertainment segments that aired on Fine Living Network during the December holiday season. The interstitials were sponsored by Discover Card and CitiBank. The branded segments shared ideas and tips for a festive season.


Please contact Om Base Productions for reels of additional branded entertainment programming completed in 2012 and 2013.