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Travel Programming
Om Base specializes in travel programming. Since 2006, we have produced more than 50 international travel shows for TV broadcast and more than 200 travel videos. Helmed by two inveterate travelers, the Om Base team loves inviting viewers to explore the world.
Om Base Productions executive producer, Leah Lessard, was the show runner for the television travel series, The Great Adventure. Under her direction, the 3-season series filmed in 18 states and 24 countries worldwide.
Our other executive producer, Arthur Jeon, has spearheaded Om Base Productions’ development of the “Hotelisode.” These lively streaming videos are revenue-generating videos created for hotels and resorts worldwide that showcase how a destination looks and feels to travelers.


 Travel series

Travel the globe with Om Base’s series of 210 travel videos called Fine Fives: Travel for From Curacao to the Cook Islands, these inspiring one-minute videos give the sounds, sights and feeling of the world’s top destinations. Each informative video shares insider tips on accommodations, dining and the best activities. All 210 videos are available for free viewing on FLN’s YouTube channel (search FLN’s uploads with keywords “Fine Fives”).


Globe Guide

Globe GuideOm Base Productions executive producer, Leah Lessard, is the creator of the television series Globe Guide.

The four seasons of Globe Guide are the result of an unconventional approach to travel programming developed by Ms. Lessard in collaboration with the Fine Living Network. The footage for the series was culled from a European tape library of more than 8,400 different travel segments from around the globe.

From this raw material, the Om Base creative team sliced, diced, and developed 52 distinct TV shows to support the new vision. It was an enormous and rewarding post-production undertaking. Each intricately edited episode features a unique destination in a foreign country.

The acts are scripted to gather around the themes of Stay, Savor, and Play. Each show was scored with new music, given fresh voiceover imbued with an American perspective, and informative text was added to provide the audience with a complete and innovative travel guide.

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