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Inside Haunted Hollywood

Inside Haunted Hollywood


Are you a horror movie fan?

Much of what makes a movie terrifying is its environment. Think of the empty snowbound hotel in The Shining or the decrepit house in Psycho – places that have entered our collective psyche and keep us up at nightBut how is that environment – its sights, sounds and special effects – created?

Inside Haunted Hollywood is a one-hour televised special that takes an insider’s tour through many infamous locations from iconic Hollywood horror films and the movie-making tricks and locations that made them great. From the houses used in The Exorcist, Psycho and The Amityville Horror to the hotel from The Shining, Inside Haunted Hollywood host, Tony Frassrand, goes behind the scary scenes. 

Along the way, experts in horror make-up, wardrobe, visual effects, set design, sound effects and much more share the secrets of their trades ­­­– and how to replicate them at home. The special is topped off by an interview with Wes Craven,

In this original production, we meet iconic movie director Wes Craven, Hollywood’s leading horror movie director, who discusses the source of his inspiration. We also meet the experts in horror make-up, wardrobe, special effects, set design, and horror movie music who share the secrets of their trades.

Later, we go below the spooky decks of the Queen Mary and into the ship’s pool that’s said to be haunted by a young girl. It’s scary stuff! 


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