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Hot Movie Sets

 Premiered on Travel Channel 

Hot Movie Sets TV show special on Travel Channel by Om Base ProductionsHot Movie Sets  travels to the world’s ultimate movie scene locations. We join movie insiders who reveal where – and how – iconic blockbuster scenes were filmed.

In this one-hour premiere special, Hollywood pros reveal the behind-the-scenes and star secrets of Hangover 2 in Bangkok, Fast Five in Puerto Rico, Cocktail in Jamaica, 21 Jump StreetOcean’s 11 and other blockbusters.

 Some places are so epic on screen that Hollywood’s top directors and actors just can’t resist hitting the road and filming on location. But why should movie stars have all the fun? Hot Movie Sets puts us in the shoes of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies and coolest heroes.

From the notorious nightspots of Bangkok where the “wolf pack” had their Hangover 2 misadventures, to the private island where Johnny Depp stranded Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, to the surprising locations where the Fast Five’s Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson satisfy their need for speed and feel right at home, Hot Movie Sets is your ticket to A-list movie adventures.

Hot Movie Sets also uncovers the hangouts and hotel suites the stars enjoyed while filming on location. For instance, we check out the 6,000 square-foot villas where George Clooney and Brad Pitt stayed when shooting the iconic heist movie, Ocean’s 11 and catch the burlesque show in the New Orleans bar this year’s “sexiest man alive” and actor, Channing Tatum, opened after filming 21 Jump Street in the Big Easy.

Making Hot Movie Sets: 7 movies 5 locations worldwide

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