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Branded Entertainment reel

Branded Entertainment
Om Base Productions is a one-stop shop for commercials, vignettes and product reviews for national brands. Our team collaborates closely with clients to brainstorm, write, cast, direct, produce, edit and deliver 30-60 second commercial-quality vignettes, using real people talking about products they actually use.
We also do commercials. The director of all the commercials, product reviews and vignettes is Arthur Jeon, a film and advertising veteran, and one of Om Base’s managing partners. As a WGA screenwriter, former advertising creative director and MFA film school grad (USC), Arthur tackles each project from the ground up: telling a story that indelibly links national brands to their target audience. 
Using the best commercial crews in Los Angeles, including award-winning commercial DP’s, Om Base works closely with the network, ad agency and client to produce vignettes that deliver. Whether shooting in a 15 million dollar home for Alaska Seafood or being dropped on Mackinac Island (where the only way to transport a dolly is by horse and buggy) for a Pure Michigan campaign, Om Base is flexible, creative and fun to work with. Located in Santa Monica, Om Base regularly utilizes the best talent in the world, working with the latest technology, to hone in on our client’s message. 
Here are a few of our commercials, product reviews and vignettes produced for network clients featuring national brands. 

Click here to view a sample of our branded entertainment vignettes.